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Empowering Artist Worldwide


RAG is a non-profit organization formed by artists for artists. Since 2009 RAG has served its members by providing essential tools to help artists connect to other industry professionals, collaborate with other artists, find opportunities to make money, and celebrate the music they love by casting their vote in the largest independent music association DAO on Earth.

Crystal Salt


We are dedicated to empowering the independent recording artists community by helping artists adapt to the ever changing music industry. By providing tools, resources, products, and services to our members, we aim to help artist discover and utilize the most impactful means of monetization in the music industry.


Individuals eligible to be a RAG member include a soloist, group, vocalist, composer, musician, producer, music supervisor, writer, DJ, publisher, engineer, attorney, label executive, studio executive, talent booker, or artists manager.

Individuals that are a part of the Guild Network of Associations and select organizations are pre-qualified and automatically eligible for membership.

Pre-qualified organizations and associations include:


Benefits / Discounts

Card Carrying Voting RAG members get free access to all RAG events as well as get  valuable discounts at select studios, venues and retailers. Please log  into the RAG App for special offers and discounts.

The optional, non-insurance No-Cost American Income Life Partners™ Basic Program allows members to take advantage of up to 10 to 60 % discounts on health-related products and services that might not be covered by their insurance benefits.

RAG members can also take advantage of valuable discounts on nutritional supplements from our partner Nutriumph by receiving 10% off all purchases.  


The 1st annual Recording Artists Guild Awards will feature The Guild top music acts and executive rockstars. The award recipients will be entirely voted on by its members on the blockchain making the results both transparent and untampered. 


Join executives, artists and event-goers October 2022 for a dynamic experience for fans and creators alike who share our mission of empowering artists worldwide and advancing innovation in the ever-evolving music and tech industries.

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